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The Unlovely Truth

The Unlovely Truth

Hosted by: Lori Morrison

Exploring the intersection of faith and true crime.


Season 1, Episode 40: There Should've Been a Book: The Murder of Taylor McAllister

Season #1 Episode #41

If parents aren’t supposed to bury their children, then they definitely aren’t supposed to have to push law enforcement to see their child’s homicide investigation through until it’s solved.  Bill and Leslie...
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Season 1, Episode 39: Survivors, Part 2

Season #1 Episode #40

When author Dennis Griffin contacted me, there was no way I wasn’t going to dedicate another episode to such a special book. Dennis’s experience with investigations, and cold cases in particular, gives him tremendous...
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Season 1, Episode 38: Survivors

Season #1 Episode #39

Losing a loved one to a violent crime is traumatic for a family. Needing to fight to get answers about what happened is like being victimized all over again. In this week’s book, “Survivors: Shocking True Stories...
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Season 1, Episode 37: Mortal Danger

Season #1 Episode #38

A true crime book podcast with no books by Ann Rule? Unthinkable! Join me to discuss “Mortal Danger, Volume 13 of Ann Rule’s Crime Files”. Many men seem charming, or at least harmless, until you get to know them. By...
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Season 1, Episode 36: The Last Stone

Season #1 Episode #37

A pair of young sisters went missing in 1975 from a shopping mall in Montgomery County Maryland, a wealthy suburb of Washington D.C. Police had worked the case hard, and it had featured prominently in the local media....
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Season 1, Episode 35: There Should've Been a Book: The Murder of Larry Jo Phebus

Season #1 Episode #36

Cases go cold when all leads have been chased as far as possible, and there are no more avenues left where investigators can make progress. But no case is ever completely hopeless. In most cases, someone knows...
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Season 1, Episode 34: Murder, We Spoke

Season #1 Episode #35

Business is booming in the true crime genre. But is this growth a good thing? Listen to top content producers from some of your favorite podcasts, tv shows, and the publishing industry discuss the pros and cons of...
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Season 1, Episode 33: Sex Trafficking - Inside the Business of Modern Slavery

Season #1 Episode #34

There are over 40 million victims of human trafficking across the world. They generate annual profits for their abusers of over 30 billion dollars.  That’s more than the National Football League, Major League...
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Season 1, Episode 32: The Skeleton Crew

Season #1 Episode #33

With tens of thousands of unidentified human remains in police storage across the U.S., officials do not have the resources to clear the backlog of cases. But a group of so-called cyber-sleuths does. Learn how and why...
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Season 1, Episode 31: There Should've Been a Book: The Disappearance of Larissa Sam

Season #1 Episode #32

We all have dreams for our lives. Larissa Sam dreamed big – she was days away from auditioning for the TV show American Idol when she vanished. Police are out of leads to pursue and need fresh information. When you...
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Season 1, Episode 30: The Less People Know About Us

Season #1 Episode #31

What we don’t know CAN hurt us. Axton Betz-Hamilton didn’t know who her mother really was when she and her dad weren’t looking. Years of financial struggles brought on by identity theft taught her that a person can...
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Season 1, Episode 29: God'll Cut You Down

Season #1 Episode #30

Why would an Australian journalist spend a year in America following the case of a black man who had killed a white supremacist? What would he find when he interviewed people who knew them, who loved them, and who...
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