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Season 4, Episode 21: Playing Doctor - A Sex Offender Hiding In Plain Sight

Season #4

Imagine a man who sees himself as so incredibly righteous that even the small town Baptist church that he founded might be a bit too liberal for him. That was Dr. John Huntington Story of Lovell, Wyoming. The town had a population of just under 2500 people and one traffic light. It also had a monster who molested hundreds of women and girls as young as three years old. More than 20 years after the monster was finally caged, the town is still divided on who the real monster was.

This is Season 4, Episode 21. Our book this week is “Doc: The Rape of the Town of Lovell” by legendary true crime author Jack Olsen and our guest is Beth Hoel, founder of BHG Consulting Group. She has been a member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers since 2017 and serves on the Governor’s Commission to Prevent Violence Against Women in Arizona. We’ll talk to her in just a bit, but first we are going to investigate this week’s case.

Just like John Story was eventually released from prison, so are the majority of people convicted of sex crimes.  Beth is dedicated to ending generational abuse within families who have experienced the hardship and trauma resulting from sexually abusive behavior. Amazingly, she works with both victims and offenders to make communities safer for us all. I know you’ll find her work as impactful as I did.

Isaiah 59:14-15 Common English Bible says this:

Justice is pushed aside; righteousness stands far off, because truth has stumbled in the public square, and honesty can’t enter. Truth is missing; anyone turning from evil is plundered. The Lord looked and was upset at the absence of justice.

Not much has changed since Isaiah’s time has it? Justice and righteousness still seem far away at times. But this isn’t what God wants! Not everyone welcomes the truth being made known, but the truth is always worth telling. Even an Unlovely Truth. Maybe especially an Unlovely Truth. How else can we hold people accountable and get justice for hurting people? It can be very hard to share traumatic experiences we have or information about a crime. Let people know that you are someone who will listen to their story and give them no judgment or shame. If you have a story to tell and don’t think you have any safe people in your circle, please know that you can share with me.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Gain tips for teaching your children what an unsafe person might say or try to do
  • Learn how a holistic approach to sexual abuse helps address the fact that most convicted sex offenders will re-enter society
  • Be challenged to let people know you are a safe person to disclose abuse to 

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