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Season 4, Episode 6: Murdered and Missing on Long Island

Season #4

We’ve all heard about the Long Island Serial Killer, but there are so many more true crime stories there. Did you know that Long Island is the home of roughly 40% of the entire population of New York State? With that many people living there, it’s no wonder that it has a lot more unsolved murders and missing persons cases than we know. 

We’re going to talk about one unsolved murder and one missing persons case from Long Island today and hopefully someone who hears this has some information and will come forward to share it with authorities.

The more we talk about unsolved cases like the two we’ve investigated today, the more it gets kind of frustrating to realize just how many people have gotten away with evil acts like murder. It makes you want to question God. In His wisdom, God addressed this in his Word:

Job 21:7-16

Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power?

They see their children established around them, their offspring before their eyes.

Their homes are safe and free from fear; the rod of God is not on them.

Their bulls never fail to breed; their cows calve and do not miscarry.

They send forth their children as a flock; their little ones dance about.

They sing to the music of timbrel and lyre; they make merry to the sound of the pipe.

They spend their years in prosperity and go down to the grave in peace.

Yet they say to God, ‘Leave us alone! We have no desire to know your ways.

Who is the Almighty, that we should serve him? What would we gain by praying to him?’

But their prosperity is not in their own hands, so I stand aloof from the plans of the wicked.


Former police officer Michael Arntfield wants us all to get in touch with our inner crime-fighter. He says that an estimated 95% of all crimes that are solved have some sort of citizen involvement. With over a quarter million unsolved murders in North America, it sure seems like we need to get involved if we want those numbers to get any better. I’ve put a link in the show notes to the Murder Accountability Project. You can use it to see how many unsolved cases are right there in your area, just waiting for someone to help. Maybe that someone is you.


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If you have any information about the deaths of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff, please call the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office at (631) 852-3185


If you have any information on the circumstances regarding Norine’s disappearance, please call the Nassau County Police Department at (516) 573-8800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800- 244-TIPS.


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