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Season 3, Episode 47: My Sister's Case: Unsolved Murders' Effects on Families

Season #3

Famous unsolved murders get a lot of attention. Think about how often you see media articles about JonBenet Ramsey, The Zodiac Killer, or the Black Dahlia. In his book “A Long Walk Home”, award-winning journalist Joe Strupp outlines the case of 17-year-old Carol Ann Farino in a small town just 10 miles away from New York City.

After we investigate today’s book about Carol’s long unsolved case, we’ll be joined by my guest Wendy Casteneda. She’s going to share her own journey as someone who lost a sister to a violent murder. Wendy shares with us how her faith helped her get through the long years with no resolution, and the trial that finally put an end to the unknown.

We all have our own “cold case” issues. We’ll look at Psalm 37:7-10 to see how God wants us to respond in difficult situations. It’s not always easy but it’s a great way for you to be a different kind of PI - a Person of Impact. 

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Learn more about Carol Ann Farino’s cold case here.

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