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Season 3, Episode 31: What If That Was MY Child? The Curious Case of Aaron Key

Season #3

I became an investigator because of a case that made me think “What if that was MY child?” Has a story ever really hit you in the gut like that? We’ve got another one this week.

My guest on this episode is the mother of Aaron Key. His death was officially ruled a suicide in 2019, but his family still has a lot of questions they’d like to have answered. This fierce mom had to train herself to be her own P.I., and she’s determined to find answers to her questions and help other families do the same thing. 

Understanding that not every death that was officially ruled a suicide actually WAS a suicide is so important. We never think that anything like this could happen to us. Until it does. I’ve been involved with at least half a dozen cases where families challenged the ruling of suicide or accidental death when their loved one was taken from this world. It’s a long, hard fight. They need our support.

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If you have any information about the death of Aaron Key, please submit your tips directly to Justice for Aaron Shane Key on Facebook. Each one will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate authorities.


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