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Season 3, Episode 24: Internet Safety for Kids: What You Need to Know

Season #3

I’m a planner and a list maker, but I’ve got to say I never thought that parents needed to have a plan to deal with their kids' every online interaction. Then I read this book. Every parent needs the online power tools taught in these pages. Even if you think you’ve got your kids’ internet access all under control, I’ll bet this episode delivers some eye-opening information that is completely new to you.

Our book this week is The Online World and our guest is the book’s author, Rania Mankarious. 

It’s a must-have book for parents. Even if you don’t have kids or your kiddos are all grown up like mine, I want you to practice our one critical action step to make ALL of us safer online. You have to listen to find out what it is!

This week’s Scripture to meditate on is Proverbs 27:12 - “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” This is a pretty short verse, but I think we can boil it down even further and still capture it’s meaning. “Take precautions or suffer the consequences”. 


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