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Season 3, Episode 23: Children for Sale

Season #3

According to, nearly 30% of missing children are being trafficked. That’s thousands of children who are basically for sale. But don’t stop listening because this is such a disturbing statistic. Stay tuned for ways that each of us can make a difference. Don’t think it doesn’t happen where you live. Child Sex Trafficking has been reported in all 50 states, so we need you!

Today we are going to focus on missing kids and what we can do to help keep them safe from trafficking. First, let’s take a quick look at some of the numbers so we can put some context around the issue.

I have children, and I can’t even imagine them experiencing the pain and the trauma that I read abut preparing for this episode. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, I’ll bet that there are nieces or nephews, neighborhood kids, or kids from church who you would do anything to protect if you knew something like this was happening to them. Sadly, not every kid has someone looking out for them. 

Thank you for hanging with me through a difficult topic like child sex trafficking. If this is an area where you feel God nudging you a little, you can learn more about it by checking out the links below. You can find ways to take small steps to become a different kind of PI - a Person of Impact.


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To report suspected trafficking situations, call the Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

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