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Season 3, Episode 22: Where is Your God Now, Part 2: The Aftermath

Season #3

Larry and Connie Van Oosten of Erie, Illinois, were kidnapped and terrorized by a man who was after their hard-earned retirement savings. They had an unshakable faith in God that helped them survive the ordeal, but would it be enough to help them stay strong once they realized the kidnapper was someone they knew?

This week we are wrapping up the story from the book “Rescued for a Reason” by Larry and Connie themselves as told to A.L. Rogers. Lori Prather, our Unlovely Truth Chaplain, is going to join us again to see where lessons from the book can be applied in our own lives. When terrible things happen, it's easy to ask ourselves, “Why does God allow suffering?” I’ve wondered that many times in my life, and I wondered it again reading this book. I think that maybe it isn’t the right questions to ask. Maybe a better question is “Why do we?”

Let’s look at Proverbs 3:27 from the Message translation: Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God’s hand for that person. I doubt that anyone listening knew Chad, knew what he was planning, but - is there something we know about, and we just don’t want to get involved? I get that, I do, but victims don’t want to be involved either - but they weren’t given a choice. They need God’s hand to intervene, and God may be wanting to do it through YOU or through ME.

Remember how God used Moses, Esther, Noah, Nehemiah, Paul, and of course, Jesus? They each played a role in delivering others from suffering. God is inviting each of us to join Him in that work today.


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