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Season 3, Episode 19: I Read This Book So You Don't Have To: How Social Media has Changed the Face of Crime

Season #3

Can being on Facebook, or any other social media platform, make you vulnerable to being victimized? My highly specific answer to that is - it depends. You made a great choice joining me today because I’m going to show you just how you might be giving away more than you should, and what to do about it. We’ll also talk about how to use your influence on social media to make a positive impact on the world.

Our book this week is True Crime Online by J.A. Hitchcock, and our guest is Dr. Jen Bennett. Jen is the Host of the She Impacts Culture Podcast, an author, and a speaker. She’s also the Strategic Communications Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University where she equips college students to discover their voice, develop their expertise, and lead with influence to impact culture for Christ. She has a fascinating book, “Be Worth Following,” about how to use social media for good.

Spring is here and I’ve been out planting stuff! If any of you like to garden, you know you always have extras of something and it’s such a joy to be able to share those with people. Well if you’ve done what it says in James 1:5 and asked God for wisdom, you’ll have so much that you’ll have plenty of that to share too. And that’s how we take on the bad guys. And gals. Sadly there are a lot of predatory women out there too. But if we ask for the wisdom to know who is out to harm us or others, we can be proactive in keeping ourselves and others from harm. We need lots of wisdom after a crime has been committed as well. Maybe you’ll be asked to serve on a jury. Pray for wisdom! Maybe you have information about someone involved in a crime, but you don’t think it’s important. Pray for wisdom! Maybe someone who has been victimized has reached out to you for help. Pray for wisdom! That’s a prayer you can never pray too often. 


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