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Season 3, Episode 16: What If She Were Your Daughter?

Season #3

It’s been a while since I told my story about why I became a private investigator - what finally moved me to action. I was feeling restless, and I wanted to make a bigger impact on the world, or at least on my little corner of it. I’ll bet you do too. True crime stories have always fascinated me, and one was unfolding right next to me. A young woman was kidnapped, sexually abused and murdered and all I could think was, “What if that was MY daughter?”

Our book this week is “I Have the Right To” by Chessy Prout and Jenn Abelson. Our guest is Jamie Kirschner, podcast post, Christian Teen Life Coach, and keynote speaker. Jamie’s passion is to help teen girls overcome real life challenges they are facing in a way that helps them stay true to who God created them to be. This episode does discuss sexual assault, so please use discretion when deciding to listen. 

I’m very excited about this week’s practical action step. It’s not hard, it just might be a bit uncomfortable. But if Chessy can do what she did, we can make things better for young women in our communities.

Think about this as you listen to this episode - “it was hard to decide who or what was worse: the perpetrators or the people and institutions that protected them.”


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