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Season 3, Episode 14: Finding Keeslyn Roberts

Season #3

Did you know that, according to Lauth Investigations International, on average, there are approximately 50,000 missing adults at any given time. That absolutely blows my mind and makes me wonder what lengths I would go to if one of those 50,000 was someone I loved.

This week we are going to look into the 2020 disappearance of Keeslyn Noell Roberts, and briefly touch on the cases of Caleb Smith, Anna Yoder, and Clyde Merriweather. All were last seen at a truck stop - the type of place known to have problems with human trafficking and drugs.

I love how practical all of Scripture is and for me, it doesn't get any more practical than the book of Proverbs. We will talk through Proverbs 21:3 and, of course, discuss this week’s practical action step (plus a bonus step if you’re feeling a bit spicy)! article about Keeslyn article about Keeslyn article about Keeslyn page about Keeslyn


UPDATE: CLYDE MERRIWEATHER FOUND SAFE article about 14 year old missing girl recovered at truck stop article about Caleb Smith

If you have any information about Keeslyn or Caleb, contact the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-597-TIPS(8477).

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