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Season 3, Episode 13: How You Can Back the Blue: "The Blooding" by Joseph Wambaugh

Season #3

If I asked you to guess the percentage of murder cases that actually had physical evidence that tied a suspect to the crime, what would you say? I’ll bet you DIDN’T say just 13.5% - but that’s what research done by the Boston Globe in 2010 showed. So what solves crimes? Good investigations.

Law enforcement officers often get a bad rap. Society should certainly punish those who cross the lines of acceptable behavior, but today I want to focus on the good that the vast majority of officers do for us. We’ll look at one of the very first cases technically solved with DNA and see why science wouldn’t have made a difference without the dedication and hard work of the police.

Join my guest Ken Bator, founder of The Police Officers' Credit Union Association. He is also a business consultant and covers true crime podcasting for Podcast Magazine - which is how I met him. He’s got great insights for us today as we dig into this week’s book, “The Blooding” by Joseph Wambaugh. If this episode inspires you to thank an officer, remember to get a picture and post it with the hashtag #proverbs31speakup.


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