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Season 3, Episode 8: Prison Saved My Life

Season #3

“Prison is a dark, often evil place. But light still shines there.” So says Louis Dooley, author of the book Prison Saved My Life: I Recommend it for Everyone. It’s easy to dismiss prison conversions as being somehow less real or genuine than those among people on the outside. But in most incarceration settings, announcing that you are now a Christian puts a target on your back because you are seen as being weak. You’re seen as someone whose beliefs won’t let you fight back. 

Today’s guest, Brett Narzinski, has spent chunks of time being in and out of jail due to what he admits is the consequence of his own pride combined with bad decisions. He’s also experienced homelessness, as a lot of repeat offenders do. Like Louis Dooley, Brett is using what he’s been through to help others. He’s the President and Treasurer of Complete Christian Evangelism, a non-profit organization that ministers to the homeless in St Louis by distributing emergency care packages and more. They get up close and personal with those who need them the most because they are ignored by or are out of reach from most of society. They go where nobody enjoys going - the types of places Jesus went.



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