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Season 2, Episode 45: In the Name of the Children, Part 2

Season #2

Yosemite National Park attracts millions of visitors to its breathtaking views that are sure to make for memorable family vacations. It also attracts workers who want - or need - to live off the grid. Tragedy erupted in Yosemite in February 1999 when Carol Sund, her teenage daughter Juli, and their friend Silvina Pelosso crossed paths with Cary Staynor, a handyman at Yosemite’s Cedar Lodge motel. The FBI arrested who they thought was the three women’s killer, and that mistake cost Yosemite Institute worker Joie Armstrong her life.

As we dive back into “In the Name of the Children” we’re going to talk again with pastor Lori Prather about the fact that while our past can certainly influence us, we don’t have to let it define us.  We need to be defined by what the Word says about us. Depending on the choices we’ve made and the circumstances we’ve been born into, any one of us could be a victim or even an offender. Like King David though, no matter what our past is we can still be a person “after God’s own heart”. 


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