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Season 2, Episode 42: Five Secrets of a Mafia Madman

Season #2

On this episode of The Unlovely Truth, I interview former mafia madman Robert Borelli. Robert has fascinating tales of his time in a notorious crime family, but his best story is the day that he cried out to God to change him. 

Robert craved what a lot of young people do: respect, admiration, and the acceptance of family. But most young people don’t look for these things in the mafia. When he got a shot at a new life through the witness protection program, he realized how God had also wiped his slate clean and given him a new start.

Through the example of faithful men who served him through a prison ministry, Robert found a way to serve another group of society’s outcasts. In Robert’s story, I found 5 key secrets that helped him get through his struggles. I believe they can help all of us. 


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