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Season 2, Episode 40: Race and the Media: Why You Know Gabby Petito but Not Rajah McQueen or Paige Coffey

Season #2

On this episode of the Unlovely Truth we’re going to talk about what drives the disparity in the media’s treatment of missing persons of color versus missing persons who are white. You’ll hear the stories of Rajah McQueen and Paige Coffey as we discuss why these missing women didn’t get the same amount of media attention that Gabby Petito did. 

We teach our children that Jesus loves them all, “ and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.” Shouldn’t everyone then be precious in our sight as well? If they are, then let’s jump in and do what we can to help Paige and Rajah’s families find out what happened to their missing loved one. 

If you have information about Paige Coffey, please call 216-622-6842.

If you have information about Rajah McQueen, please call police at 216-348-4232 or contact detectives at 216-623-3138.


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