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Season 2, Episode 34: Can You Solve This Crime?

Season #2

On this episode of The Unlovely Truth we’re going to see just how hard families have to work when their loved ones' cases go cold. Once leads are exhausted, these cases often get put on the back burner as police work new cases with fresh leads. That’s why your involvement is so important! By sharing the podcast and asking your friends to do the same, we might get Ernestine Hurt’s cold case murder heard by someone who has information that can blow the case wide open!

Mirya loves her grandmother the way I loved mine, and I want us to do all we can to help her find answers. Based on data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, the US has over 250,000 unsolved murders, and every year nearly 6,000 new cases raise that number even higher. As our police agencies are given fewer and fewer resources, that number is only going to continue to grow unless we do something. 

Let’s not let this murderer get away with their crime any longer. You have a voice and a circle of influence. Become a True Crime Hero when you share the podcast and social media posts about this case and others. 


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