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Season 2, Episode 32: How to Prevent Violence from Destroying Us: "Found" by Michelle Corrao, with Emily Sutherland

Season #2

Michelle Corrao never wanted to be the lead story on the evening news. When she was kidnapped, assaulted, and held captive in the trunk of her car, a community held its collective breath until they heard that she had survived. But mere survival wasn’t going to be enough. Michelle was determined to thrive.

How would you handle the fight to regain your life after such a violent encounter, only to realize that you would never be the same person ever again? Michelle shares how she realized that being the lead story didn’t have to define her story. She would share with the world the story she wanted to be her legacy.

If you are still wondering what her motivation is to share such a deeply personal and painful story, she sums it up by saying that she wanted others to know what is possible. She knows what it feels like to be in the depths of despair, but reminds us that feelings are often fiction. She has gone on to work with victims because she knows that God spared her life not only for her own benefit, but in order to help others. 


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