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Season 1, Episode 48: There Should've Been a Book: The Murder of Georgia Lee Moses

Season #1 Episode #49

Most us of have heard the tragic story of Polly Klaas, the 12-year-old girl from Petaluma, California, who was abducted from her home on October 1st, 1993, and killed by Richard Allen Davis. For over 2 months, thousands of people volunteered to search for her. Popular TV shows like 20/20 and America’s Most Wanted featured details about her case. The World Wide Web was truly becoming worldwide by 1993, and two Petaluma residents came to the police telling them that Polly’s missing child poster could be made digital, an innovation in the handling of missing person’s cases that Time magazine would write a story about, titled, “A High-Tech Dragnet”.  The idea would come to save many missing children, but not Polly. In late November, items connected to Polly were discovered by loggers, and a massive search was launched that included personnel from 24 different agencies. It seemed that Polly’s story was being told all over the world. But if you are like me, you probably haven’t heard the equally tragic story of Georgia Lee Moses. She was also 12, also from Petaluma, and was abducted and murdered in 1997. It’s hard to find much information about Georgia at all. Let’s look at the similarities and the differences between the two cases to see if we can find out why.

"Georgia Lee" by Tom Waits