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Season 2, Episode 15: Basketball, Baylor, Betrayal and Beyond: "The Leftovers" by Matt Sayman

Season #2 Episode #15

This week’s book is The Leftovers: Basketball, Baylor, Betrayal, and Beyond by former Baylor basketball player Matt Sayman. With Baylor winning the men’s NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championship just days ago, I felt like this was a great opportunity to look at some of the mistakes made 20 years ago that took the program to the lowest point that they - or arguably any major college basketball program - had ever sunk, and talk about how we can work to avoid making those same mistakes in our own lives. Our story is told by a man who was on the team when it all came crashing down and was a big part, along with current Baylor Coach Scott Drew, of setting it back on the right track.  Former coach and athletic director Brian Williams joins me to talk about what happens when winning becomes your god, why we excuse bad behavior in successful people, and the importance of consistently putting others first.


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We focused on the downside of competitive athletics, but there’s no doubt that when done right, youth sports offers many positives. Kids can learn teamwork, discipline, and how to respond to good leadership – all while they stay physically fit! Sports can also offer a great alternative to hanging out with the wrong people and possibly getting involved in activities that lead nowhere good. If you want to help a kid who may not have the resources to play sports, visit