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Season 2, Episode 20: True Crime Moms who Never Give Up - "Hell in the Heartland" by Jax Miller

Season #2 Episode #20

This is Season 2, Episode 20 and our book this week is “Hell in the Heartland” by Jax Miller. My guest today is private investigator Sheila Wysocki. She’s also a tremendous advocate for families and especially moms, who often spend years trying to find the truth about what happened to their missing or murdered child.  “Hell in the Heartland” tells the almost unbelievable story of murders, missing girls, marijuana, meth, and one amazing mom.

I love the name of the non-profit that I get to share with you this week: Mothers in Charge. This amazing organization works to prevent violence and supports youth, young adults, families, and communities affected by violence. They have chapters in several different states, but if there isn’t one near you maybe you need to talk to them about starting one! I’ve put a link to their website below, so check that out and see how you can support Mothers in Charge with the incredible work they do.


Mothers In Charge website


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Update on the search for Ashley and Lauria


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