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Season 2, Episode 21: Meth and Murder - "Hell in the Heartland" by Jax Miller (Part 2)

Season #2 Episode #21

This week we are taking another look at “Hell in the Heartland” by Jax Miller. My guest today is Linda Davis, executive director and co-founder of Families Against Narcotics. If you were with us last week, you’ll remember that “Hell in the Heartland” tells the almost unbelievable story of murders, missing girls, marijuana, meth, and one amazing mom. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode you will definitely want to catch it ASAP!

As the time that Ashely Freeman and Lauria Bible had been missing went from days, to weeks, to months, and then to years, Lauria’s mother Lorene kept searching for answers. She was always pushing herself to do the next thing that needed done in order to find her child.

Eventually, her investigation led her to believe that Danny Freeman’s connections to drug dealers set everything in motion.


One of the things that is most important to the folks at Families Against Narcotics is their belief that all people are worthy and deserving of being treated respectfully. I believe that Jesus teaches this in Mark chapter 12 verse 31 when he says, “...You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” Think about how you felt when you were at the lowest point in your life. I know I would be more accepting of help if I felt that I was still seen as having value. If I was treated as someone would want me to treat them if our positions were reversed. Is this where you need to get out of the audience and into the action? When we all work together, we can be unstoppable!


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