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Season 2, Episode 25: There Should've Been a Book: Turning Grieving to Giving

Season #2 Episode #25

Sandra Latrail Robinson was just 32 years old when her life was senselessly stolen from her during the course of a robbery. Her mother and her four children want to know what happened. Let’s help them find the answers they deserve by sharing this episode with everyone we can.

And if you’re feeling inspired to help other children who have lost a parent, check out the link below to the website of The National Alliance for Grieving Children.

I’ve never seen the show “WandaVision”, but I love a quote from the character Vision (played by the fabulous Paul Bettany - go watch the Oscar-Award winning movie “A Beautiful Mind” if you haven’t yet), “But what is grief if not love persevering?” Just as Sandra’s mother and children persevere in their love for Sandra, let’s persevere in the search for justice.


If you have any information, please call the GBI at 912-389-4103.


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