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Season 2, Episode 27: There Should've Been a Book: The Most Vulnerable Victims

Season #2 Episode #27

Americans are slightly obsessed with stories about serial killers. There are at least a dozen published books about Ted Bundy and the same for Charles Manson, not to mention everything written about John Wayne Gacy, Wayne Williams, Gary Ridgway, and others. But as retired cold-case investigator Paul Holes told Rolling Stone magazine, cultural changes like fewer women hitchhiking made it harder for these and other roving killers to find victims. 


But there was still one vulnerable group of women who was willing get in a car with a stranger - sex workers. The man known as the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, even admitted that he chose prostitutes as his victims because he thought he was much less likely to get caught. For a time, he was right.

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Are these cases linked?


Are there really fewer serial killers these days?


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