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Season 2, Episode 29: Surviving Schizophrenia with Someone You Love: Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker

Season #2 Episode #29

Would you recognize the symptoms of schizophrenia in your children? Don and Mimi Galvin didn’t at first. Robert Kolker’s book “Hidden Valley Road” not only tells of the Galvin family struggles, but how their participation in schizophrenia studies have helped scientists looking for better treatments and maybe even a cure.


Mary Galvin, the youngest family member, endured horrific neglect and abuse. She often felt like an outcast of society, and this gave her a new connection to her six brothers who each had a mental health diagnosis. They needed so much help that home care assistance was not a realistic option. So Mary took on much of the care of her brothers herself. It was her way of surviving schizophrenia and its effect on her family.


My guest this week, Maree Dee, hosts a private FaceBook community called Embracing Faith and Mental Illness from a Caregiver’s Perspective. Her website,, is full of great resources for anyone who is close to someone struggling with mental illness, and so much more. Check out that link and the others below!


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