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Season 2, Episode 30: Blending In: "The Demon Next Door" by Bryan Burrough

Season #2 Episode #30

This is Season 2, Episode 30, and our book for this week is an Audible exclusive: “The Demon Next Door'' by Bryan Burrough. After reading it, I’m right there with the author wondering why any of this happened, and whether any of it could have been prevented. My guest today is our own Unlovely Truth Tribe chaplain, Lori Prather. We’re going to get her take on bad people blending in at church and ways to reach out to people that a lot of churches choose to ignore.


In 2005, the FBI held a symposium in San Antonio, Texas, where they dropped some bombshell information. According to their research, the majority of serial killers are not the loners or misfits we tend to think they are. In fact, they're hiding in plain sight, blending right in. You might even know one. Author Bryan Burrough hadn't known about his schoolmate Danny Corwin's multiple murders until they were both well into middle age. He became obsessed with understanding why Danny nearly killed a girl in Temple, Texas, when he was in 10th grade.  Burrough also wanted to know why Danny Corwin’s family, the local Presbyterian Church they attended, the mayor, and local newspaper all worked so hard to keep Danny's activities a secret. If they hadn’t, would his later victims have lived?


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Every 68 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. And every 9 minutes, that victim is a child.